Who Are We

Inn West is fashioned as a self-governing organization to promote international education as well as Vocational training programs, short courses, workshops and help out professionals for immigration to Australia, UK and Canada. Its objective is to provide a dependable link between international institutions and students planning to study abroad. We aim to become a premier provider of professional educational counseling in the private sector in Australia, China, Cyprus, Malta, Sweden and UK.

Inn West business strategy rests on three strong pillars:

1. Maintain world-class expertise, in the Academia Adult and Continuing Education, Professional and Skill development sectors where we have already achieved it and attain the same level of expertise in other sectors.

We have world-class expertise in some of our sectors of activity and are constantly looking to enhance the expertise we have in all our sectors.

2. Develop well-established Networks in several key geographic areas.

Our management philosophy is based on distributed leadership, which allows us around the world to take the initiative in developing and expanding our operations.

3. Continue to invest in future development.

The combination of our expertise and our global outreaching abilities enable us well for future Business developments. We have over 13 years of experience in this field and have built up an excellent track record with our current portfolio.

how can we help you?

We welcome you to contact us through E-mail, Telephone to make any inquiry for any information you need.