Student Related Services

Ø Initial Counseling.

Ø Admission Processing.

Ø Visa Documentation.

Ø Pre Departure Counseling.

Ø Career Counseling

Ø Vocational Training Counseling

Ø Apprenticeships Programs Counseling

Ø Industry and Institute Linkages

Ø Project and strategy formulation for Institute Operations in Private and Public sector


Immigration Services

Ø Initial Counseling.

Ø Initial Assessment.

Ø Final Assessment.

Ø Immigration Decision.

Ø Pre Departure Counseling

Inn West will ensure that your application is considered as quickly as possible. Upon receipt of your application form, The Admissions Department will issue an acknowledgement letter containing your unique Inn West reference number. In all subsequent correspondence this number should be quoted, along with your name and the course and department to which you have applied. To help we make a prompt decision, international students should also include transcripts of their previous qualifications (including English Language proficiency) and details of the grading/marking schemes used in the assessment of those qualifications.

Applicants who are offered a place will receive information about accommodation upon receipt of the acceptance of their offer. Nearer the time of their expected start date, applicants who have accepted an unconditional offer will receive a pack of information relating to their enrolment. There is no fixed deadline for applying to become an

Inn West student. However, in general, it is advisable to apply a year in advance of your anticipated date of entry, to allow time for the detailed arrangements that will have to be made before starting your studies at the consultancy. This is particularly important if you are an international student.


Offered Courses for Bachelors and Master’s Program

Ø Business

Ø Accounting & Finance

Ø Banking & Finance

Ø Economics & Management

Ø Accounting with Law

Ø Management

Ø Human Resource Management

Ø Management Information System

Ø Marketing

Ø Engineering

Ø Vocational Training & Apprenticeships

Ø Continuing Educational Programs

The reason behind our success is that we assist our client at each level that may be preparation for English language test or successful interview. Apart from all that we are having highly Professional Immigration lawyers that handle the case and make sure that 100% result is achieved. We also take refused cases and then go for the appeal against the decisions after a careful analysis of the case. Confidence and trust is another name of our company. In a very short span of time we have earned a good name in market.

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IELTS Preparation Center

We believe IELTS is a key requirement for International Education & Immigration so we prepare our students & immigration clients for IELTS at our own IELTS preparation center. We provide state of art facilities along with highly qualified and experienced teaching staff.